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Scoliosis is a common problem that can lead to back pain, stiffness, and muscle pain. To get relief from discomfort and reduce the strain of scoliosis on your body, visit Gregory Stayberg, D.C., at one of his locations in Culver City, Santa Monica, or Marina del Rey, California. Dr. Stayberg provides personalized care using tried-and-true methods to decrease your symptoms and help you be more comfortable during your daily activities. To set up a visit, use the online booking tool or call today.


What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is the term for an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. Curves associated with scoliosis may be called C-curves or S-curves, depending if your spine curves in one or two directions, respectively.

While most cases of scoliosis don’t cause any medical problems, it can sometimes cause back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and general muscle tension and discomfort. In severe cases, scoliosis may lead to compression of your lungs or other organs and requires medical intervention.

What causes scoliosis?

The majority of scoliosis cases have no known cause. Scoliosis typically develops in childhood during major growth periods from the ages of 10-13, though it can show up earlier or later. In these cases, scoliosis is associated with imbalanced muscle tension in the muscles of the back and spine which contribute to the curvature.

Less commonly, scoliosis may be caused by vertebral abnormalities, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or other conditions affecting the nerves and muscles of the spine. Sometimes babies are born with vertebral abnormalities that prevent a portion of one or more vertebrae from forming fully, resulting in what’s called a hemivertebra. Hemivertebra only develop on one side of a vertebra and lead to a curvature above and below that area.

How is scoliosis diagnosed?

Diagnosis of scoliosis involves a simple orthopedic test and X-rays. When Dr. Stayberg performs the test, he has you take off your shirt or change into a hospital gown with an open back. He then visually inspects your spine from behind while you bend forward towards your toes. If you have scoliosis, he is able to see the curvature of your spine more clearly as you bend forward.

To confirm your diagnosis, Dr. Stayberg may refer you for X-rays to determine if your scoliosis is severe or caused my skeletal abnormalities.

How is scoliosis treated?

Treatment for scoliosis is based on relieving your symptoms, rather than curing your scoliosis. Dr. Stayberg uses a variety of treatment options to relieve pain and muscle tension. Some of these therapies may also prevent the progression of scoliosis or mildly improve the curve if it’s caused by muscular imbalances.

These treatments include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Spinal decompression
  • Myofascial release
  • Postural stretches and exercises
  • Electrical muscle stimulation

Dr. Stayberg may recommend one or more therapies based on your symptoms in order to provide maximum benefit.

To schedule a scoliosis exam or treatment, call Dr. Stayberg or use the online booking tool now.